The Rich and The Famous Ride In Style: Get To Know The Celebrities’ Luxurious Car Choices That Barely Left A Dent In Their Bank Accounts 

Gigi Hadid – BMW M2 Coupe (Estimated $53K)

Because she is one of the most popular models globally, it wasn’t surprising that Victoria’s Secret star Gigi Hadid was tapped for the digital ad for BMW’s “Eyes on Gigi,” which featured not only her but also the M2 Coupe. Director Marc Forster, known for his works like “James Bond – Quantum of Solace” and “World War Z,” helmed a film for the campaign.

This marked the first time the car brand sought a Los Angeles star to be its face for a new unit. Moreover, Hadid, who split with her baby daddy Zayn Malik in 2021, reportedly received one from BMW as a gift.

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